Secret servive Driver – Disclamer


The information that you are about to find is imparted to you solely in order that you should be aware of the world of the road and of its dangers. These techniques can lead to the death or to severe and irreversible injuries to motorists and other road users. The consequences can go even beyond anything you might predict and impact several other vehicles or innocent road-users around you.
Only the police ‐ and even then in certain countries – are authorized to use these techniques.
As for self-defense using your vehicle in the event of a criminal attack, it is up to you to know, depending on the country you live in and the location of the incident, the precise point at which self‐defense using these techniques begins and ends.
Your knowledge and your skills are a form of liberty and security, do not transform them into prison and insecurity.
You therefore hereby discharge the author and creator of‐road‐ of all legal responsibility for the information passed to you on the subject and you undertake to acquire it only for the purpose of your own knowledge regarding road safety. This information makes you fully legally responsible should you put it into practice for any purpose and engages only your own responsibility and conscience. They give you no right to copy, resell, adapt, transform or divulge information under all types of copyright procedure.