Conclusion: first security reminder

We have seen how easy it is to destabilize a car and make its driver lose control when it is hit in one of the rear corners.

It is therefore imperative to set one’s indicator flashing well before any changes of lane or direction and to look with precision and insistence to see whether other road users have understood your desire to change trajectory.

It is imperative that, once a road user has indicated a turn and gradually begun to change directory to start to slow down or even brake and not to accelerate in order to get through first, as can so easily be seen in the countries that are most dangerous from the point of view of road safety.

In rain, snow or black ice, the physical and material laws that we have examined here will apply with extreme facility. The higher the speed, in the case of destabilizing the vehicle from behind, the faster and more dangerous the phenomenon. This is why it is a criminal act to drive at speeds much higher than permitted by the rules in your country and where most drivers respect the speed limits with the aim of uniformity of speed, civic duty, respect for oneself, one’s family and other road users. Never forget that the world of the road is the world of the wheel par excellence and that executioner can turn victim at any moment.

The road is for sharing, not for grabbing !