Chapter 4 – The overhangs

These are the parts of the vehicle lying between the axles and the front and rear extremities.

It is therefore imperative to signal with one’s indicator well before any lane changes or changes of direction and to examine carefully and precisely whether other drivers or road users have understood the signal that you want to change direction. It is imperative, once a car driver or a road user has signaled with his indicator with a view to gradually changing trajectory, that others should slow down and even put on their brakes and definitely not accelerate to try to get in ahead – as can frequently be seen happening in the countries with the worst safety records.

In rain, snow or icy conditions, the physical and material laws that we have studied earlier will be even more applicable. The higher the speed, the greater the danger resulting from the principle of destabilization of the rear of the vehicle.

This is why it is a criminal act to drive at speeds considerably exceeding those permitted in your country, where the majority of drivers are observing speed limits with a view to homogeneity, civic behavior, and respect for oneself and for one’s family and other road users.

Never forget that the world of the road is, par excellence, the world of the wheel and that at any moment the executioner can become the victim. The road is for sharing, not for grabbing!