Chapter 2 – Dominate your vehicle

Dominate your vehicle

The 3 undominate situations

You must never put too much confidence in your vehicle, however prestigious or technically advanced it may be!

You must never open your car door when wrapped in your thoughts or, worse still, in your problems. The more your mind is elsewhere, the closer you come to the dangers of telephoning while driving. The more your mind dwells on other things, the greater your risk of being involved in an accident.

Avoid taking the wheel when you are facing serious problems.

You must control your vehicle through becoming one with your vehicle and with the aid of all the information it sends to your brain in order to help you maintain control. In parallel with this ideal situation, you will engage a deepseated spatial sense in a search for external information.

Never use drugs, drink alcohol or take medicines indicating cognitive or coordination alteration warnings.

Failing to observe these first elementary rules relating to your state of mind with the aim of driving in total safety, you will never be able to reach the second stage in which you will start to drive your vehicle safely both now and into the future.

The time

Time is a movement and movement is time, of which you and your vehicle must form an integral part.

In applying all these first rules you are launching your search for the ideal symbiosis and harmony between your vehicle (the physical wheel) and yourself (the spiritual wheel).

In order to master and respect this perfect symbiosis and harmony between your vehicle and yourself you must imperatively apply certain simple and balanced movements inside the vehicle itself.

Why, how?

The right-hand side of your brain controls the left-hand side of your body.

The left-hand side of your brain controls the right-hand side of your body.

Once behind the wheel of your vehicle and within milliseconds of beginning to drive away, your brain and your mind become your vehicle.

Your vehicle becomes your brain and your mind, while involving your whole body in such a way that moving in time is a matter for all three together.
The analysis of your movement (your vehicle and yourself) and of the movement of other drivers becomes increasingly fluid, relaxed and precise.

Thanks to the search for and the achievement of this equilibrium you are going to be able to simultaneously search for a 360-degree spatial view in order to obtain valuable information about what is happening around you while you travel down the road.