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This 888 safety site, is dedicated to all those interested in their safety on the road, is free to access in its entirety.

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Jean-Philippe BERNARD

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Hi, My name is Jean-Philippe.

On the basis of my observation of drivers who were among the most dangerous in the world in one of the world’s most industrialized countries, may 1981/may 2007. I am passing on my knowledge, right now, the best techniques to avoid ever being involved in a road accident and to minimize the harm to yourself and your passengers if, heaven forbid, you ever find yourself unavoidably facing an accident.

I have been a driving professional for more than 35 years, driving anything from trucks and buses to VIP limos, as well as my own family car, in many European countries and across the USA. I have even worked with the American Secret Service in protecting a President of the United States. I have been employed by the US Marines and by various Heads of State when they were visiting the French Government in Paris.

This website entitled “BECOME THE BEST DRIVER !” is now available for free. This road safety manual is fully illustrated and you can choose between a version for left-hand safe driving and a version for right-hand safe driving.

This website can prevent you from having road accidents and so save you not only thousands of dollars but perhaps also the lives of your nearest and dearest. I wish you safe driving. And remember, safe driving is simple when you know how.

Free now for anyone who never wants to be involved in a traffic accident.

Jean-Philippe BERNARD